HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

HVAC system outages can be hard on you, so knowing where to turn for fast and reliable information shouldn’t be. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best advice from our team of professionals, so you can find straight, honest answers right here, anytime you need them.

If you wondering, for example, “How do I know if my system is really failing?”, or “Can I fix my problem(s) on my own just by changing or cleaning the filter?”, well, please read on. We’ll even show you how else you might want to troubleshoot before calling in a service professional.

There’s no cost or obligation for any of this, and you might even find a working solution and not need us afterall. But if you do need us, please rest easier knowing that experience in the field, depth of knowledge, and this sort of upfront, customer-first approach are what you’ll receive when choosing Temp-Rite for all your HVAC installation and service needs

Check electrical
& circuit breakers

If your electric heating and/or cooling system has stopped running, first carefully check that your circuit breakers in your main panel are not tripped. Furnaces and air conditioning systems will each have their own, independent circuit breakers or fuses.

If tripped, switch the circuit breaker back to the “on” position and try the system again. You might also try shutting off the circuit, waiting ten seconds, and then switching back on. These steps, which ensure your system is receiving power, are good to try first if ever you fear your system has stopped running.

Check or replace your filter

Underperforming systems don’t always require extensive and/or costly repairs! In fact, just a clogged filter could be preventing your system from adequately heating or cooling. So before you call for service, install a new filter, or if you have a washable or reusable filter, clean and replace it.

Also ensure that your filter access doors are securely closed. Some systems come equipped with a safety switch that is engaged by your filter access door, so if the door is partly open or ajar, your system may not function properly.

Check thermostat batteries

Check your thermostat for power, and try removing and replacing the batteries. Remember, too, that some thermostats are wired into your house’s electrical and will still give a reading even when the batteries are dead. As a result, don’t hesitate to swap out the batteries even if a reading is appearing on your screen.

Check your accessories

If your system has auxiliary components—like a condensate pump, etc.—be sure that all such accessories are properly plugged in and running.

If you’ve done this, and tried all of the other ideas above, you likely have a problem with your motor or condensation systems and should contact one of our fully licensed and expertly trained HVAC contractors for service.

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